Federal Consulting

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Key Capabilities:

Strategy Consulting

Multidimensional, complex problems require more than simple research to generate solutions — they demand strategy. Strategy connects the dots and exposes the gaps, yielding comprehensive, well-structured problem spaces that translate to better tactical solutions.

Strategy doesn’t happen by accident. At Jameson Cole Consulting, we work with you to understand your objectives and map your trajectory, applying rigorous review methods to conduct strategy-driven research and training you in our proven and repeatable methods along the way. Our team of organizational and technical experts defines goals and develops operational requirements, driving creation of superior technical requirements for customers like the Department of Energy and Naval Air Systems Command on complex topics ranging from cybersecurity to unmanned aerial systems.


  • Organizational Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Requirements Definition
  • Strategic Research
  • Problem, Threat, Market, and Solution Spaces Characterization
  • Trend and Gap Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Policy Analysis and Development
Technology Consulting

Today’s organizations operate in a technology landscape that is constantly evolving. Emerging technologies promise great improvement to innovation and efficiency, but without a well-developed technology strategy, this potential often goes unrealized.

Jameson Cole Consulting understands that the disruptive capabilities of technology must be harnessed strategically. As experts in both technology and strategy, we act as trusted brokers to translate your goals into operational needs and technical requirements, then work with you to develop and implement the right technology solutions and roadmaps for success. With years of experience in cost estimation, acquisitions, and technology investments, our team has provided strategic technology insight for customers including the National Defense University and U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force, designing smart solutions for tactical and sustainable water and energy needs.


  • Technology Strategy Development
  • Acquisitions Advising
  • Cost and Pricing Model Development
  • Technology Investment Advising
  • Technology Assessments and Trade Studies
  • Technical Writing, Editing, and Documentation Development
Communications Services

Effective communications strategy and execution are mission-critical for organizations of any size. The right message, driven by the right strategy, has the power to bring a mission to life.

The team of skilled communicators at Jameson Cole Consulting has proven expertise in technical and policy domains. We are comfortable producing deliverables on complex topics for audiences with varying levels of technical literacy. With our strategic communications services, we look beyond the deliverables, helping your organization build high-impact, integrated communications strategies to project your vision outward and inward with coherence and consistency. Jameson Cole Consulting has developed communications strategy and products for clients including the Department of Energy and Federal Aviation Administration.


  • Strategic Communications
  • External and Internal Communications Production
  • Writing, Editing, and Documentation Development
  • Website Development and Maintenance
Project and Program Support

Assembling the right team can make or break a project. At Jameson Cole Consulting, we work for and with you to bring the best players to the game.

Domain knowledge and management expertise spanning multiple federal contracts serve as the foundation for our project and program management support. We increase performance, reduce cost, and align complex work to achievable schedules in addition to providing staff augmentation services to achieve results.


  • Strategic Policy Guidance
  • Program and Project Management
  • Contract and Operational Administrative Support
  • Performance Management Planning and Analysis